A STRATEGIC HUB FOR SYNERGY AND INNOVATION For more than five centuries, St. John’s Harbour has been prized as one of the finest harbours in the world. Ice-free, naturally sheltered, and conveniently situated near the resource-rich Grand Banks and busy shipping lanes, it remains an excellent home for the marine industry today. The Port is a diverse service centre for container traffic, offshore energy supply and service, fishing, marine maintenance, and cruise ships. And our location also extends beyond the shoreline to provide access to extensive service and supply networks.ThePortofSt.John’sisacrucial economic catalyst for Newfoundland and Labrador, supporting its primary industries, generating thousands of jobs, and welcoming visitors from around the world. The activity happening here makes a positive impact on the local and provincial economy each and every day. The Port of St. John’s remains a strategic hub for innovation. The broad network of businesses operating here — coupled with an opportunity for partnership and collaboration — makes us a logistically efficient and highly productive gateway. We do not take our role as stewards of the Port lightly. We are reminded every day of the port’s value and are dedicated to guiding its modernization in a way that will make future generations proud. ST. JOHN’S PORT AUTHORITY 13