Sean Hanrahan, LL.B President & CEO Michael Crosbie, QC Chairperson A MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRPERSON AND PRESIDENT & CEO Our business is changing. Much as the tide never stays still, neither can our business, if we want to continue to grow and adapt. And at the Port of St. John’s, we most certainly wish to do both. Change can be good. Change means progress. And change means that we are continuing to meet the needs of our users and our port community as a whole. But as we continue to evolve, one thing will always remain the same: We are successful because of the strength of our people. The people who live and work here are the driving force behind the Port of St. John’s. They are the heart and soul of our community. They are what helps us contribute to our economy, create meaningful employment, and make a measurable impact on our city, province, and country. They are also those who are helping us change for the better. This year will mark a big change in our Port — the completion of the Pier 17 West project. After extensive consultation and collaboration with industry professionals and port users, we developed the design for the new finger pier that will increase berthing capacity, add enhancements we don’t currently offer, and increase efficiencies between new and existing infrastructure. Moving forward, we continue to plan and prepare for the port of the future. We always have our eyes and ears open to the changes we need to make so that our port becomes more efficient, more valuable, and more useful to our customers. We remain grateful to our many stakeholders for providing the foundation for our success and for providing their input as we prepare for the port of tomorrow. 4