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We undertake projects around the Port to ensure a safe, secure and regulatory-compliant Port. Below you will find information on the projects underway, or past projects.

Pier 17 expansion

This is an exciting time for the Port of St. John's. After consultation with industry and port users, a rigorous planning period and a successful construction phase, this new expansion to our busy, working port is now operational.

Status: Complete

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Pier 20 Replacement

For more than 500 years, the Port of St. John's has been a vital service centre for the fishing industry: today is no different.

Status: Complete

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Harbour Safety Security Fence

The overall objective of the safety/security fence was to achieve the right balance: a safe, secure and regulatory-compliant industrial area on one half of the harbour apron; with our community – taking the proper care in what is still a commercial marine environment – availing of pedestrian access and restaurants on the other half.

Status: Complete

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Ships in port

See which ships are in our naturally sheltered, ice-free port today!

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