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Offshore Energy Supply and Service

Bringing the offshore, onshore

While Newfoundland and Labrador is geographically fortunate to be situated alongside resource-heavy waters, the promise of financial reward comes with a number of challenges — weather conditions, icebergs and ocean depth. The offshore energy sectors supply and service facilities at the Port of St. John’s play an essential role in ensuring that the work in support of the Hibernia, Terra Nova, White Rose, Hebron and future projects remains viable. Supplying offshore operations as far away as 280 nautical miles, port users continue to respond to industry demand by outfitting offshore projects with the drilling fluids, environmental solutions, food, supplies and fuels that are required to do business in the harsh North Atlantic.

The offshore industry in the province remains relatively young. Still in a stage of overall growth, there are great opportunities ahead, and the potential of future offshore energy projects in the province is promising. The port and the businesses that operate here will be ready for new developments. A. Harvey & Co. Ltd’s commitment to the industry, and to the Port of St. John’s, is evident in its redevelopment of Pier 12. Irving Oil’s new Pier 23 Marine Gas Oil dock project will improve overall operations at its current and adjacent facilities. The expansion of Pier 17 with the new finger pier and supporting landside improvements will continue to increase efficiencies between the new pier and existing port facilities. 

All of these significant investments will increase the overall berthing capacity of the entire port, thereby improving efficiency and expanding capacity to meet current and future industry needs, proving that the outlook for the future of offshore energy remains positive.

Support Offerings





Additional Support Offerings

  • Vessel Operations
  • Drill mud mixing and distribution facility at Pier 17
  • Fuel and water access at the key
  • Cargo planning
  • Heavy lift management
  • Freight forwarding
  • Oil spill response
  • Crane and equipment maintenance

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