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Port Authority

About Us

The St. John’s Port Authority is the federal agency responsible for administering the port in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. We are financially self-sufficient and operate as a commercial enterprise. We derive all our revenue from port activities and re-invest all earnings into port infrastructure and operations.

At the St. John’s Port Authority, we understand the power of partnerships. As we continue to advance, we are cultivating the ability to anticipate our users' needs and that makes the Port of St. John’s the right port for industry, for business, for tourism, and for regional development.

Our partners, our stakeholders, and our users have shaped today’s Port—not only the space and physical infrastructure, but also the entrepreneurial spirit that propels us to greater accomplishments.


The St. John’s Port Authority’s mission is to provide consistently valuable, innovative, and efficient port services that foster trade, regional growth, and provincial success.


Guided by sound business practises, a well-run port is an engine for a strong economic future. The St. John’s Port Authority strives to identify strategic ideas and implement them as part of our ongoing business development. Our goals include:

  • Invest in infrastructure development that benefits our partners and users
  • Respond in a strategic and timely manner to changing market conditions and industry advances
  • Enhance the port’s operational capabilities to improve market access
  • Promote provincial, national, and international partnerships
  • Generate profitable economic activity and meaningful employment for Newfoundlanders and Labradorians

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