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Hot Work Authorization Online Form

This authorization does not replace or over-ride a Hot Work Permit, which must be issued and enforced by the vessel/company for which the work is being undertaken. Neither the vessel/company nor the hot work contractor is relieved of their responsibilities and duties to ensure a safe work environment and a proper conduct of work.

Permission is granted to carry out Hot Work SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING REQUIREMENTS

  1. Work must be performed in strict accordance with the latest edition of all applicable codes, standards, acts, and regulations, including but not necessarily limited to, the following:
    a) Canada Labour Code;
    b) CAN/CSA - W 117.2-M87 Safety in Welding, Cutting and Allied Processes;
    c) Boiler, Pressure Vessel, and Compressed Gas Regulations;
    d) Occupational Health and Safety Act;
    e) Canada Confined Spaces regulations;
    f) Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems; and
    g) Port Authorities Operations Regulations.
  2. Hot Work Permit to be issued by vessel (Agent/Owner/Captain) or Company and conditions thereof strictly enforced.
  3. First aid and Fire fighting equipment to be available in work area, ready for immediate use.
  4. Fire watch to be maintained.
  5. No hot work to take place while fueling or if flammable liquids, solids, or gases present.
  6. SJPA Marine Operations (Harbour Master's Office) to be notified when work is completed.

Please Note: Approved permits will be valid for 72 hours after the indicated start date & time.

Hot Work Authorization Form

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By submitting the following request you are hereby agreeing to pay $55 plus HST per permit.


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