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Fuel Truck Notification Form

Authorization does not replace any other regulated permitting requirements, nor does it relieve the operator/vessel/company of their responsibilities and duties to ensure a safe work environment and proper conduct of work.

Authorization is granted to carry out fueling operations SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING REQUIREMENTS:

1) Operators of fuel trucks at St. John’s Port Authority facilities, regardless of capacity, must receive prior authorization from Marine Operations.

2) Authorization is granted to use the fuel truck specified below at the noted location, subject to the following:

  • Equipment is in a good state of repair and licensed for use; and
  • Operator of equipment is suitably qualified and holds a current license for the equipment being used;

3) Work must be performed in strict accordance with the latest edition of all applicable codes, standards, acts and regulations, including but not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • Canada Labour Code, Part II and Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations;
  • Provincial Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations made pursuant to the Act;
  • Port Authorities Operations Regulations and St. John’s Port Authority Practices and Procedures;
  • Provincial Regulation 58/03 Storage and Handling of Gasoline and associated Products Regulations 2003;
  • National Safety Code Carriers/Motor Carriers;
  • Provincial Regulation 81/01 Vehicles Regulations; and
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Fuel Truck Notification Form


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