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Shore Power

Shore Power

The SJPA offers an array of shore power systems throughout its facilities to accommodate those vessels that choose to avail of land-based electricity while in port.

The following is a list of shore power options at SJPA-facilities. For more information, please contact Technical Services,

Pier 1:
- 110/220v, 50amp (Hardwire)

Pier 5/6/7/8:

-Two separate connections of 600v, 100amp (Hardwire)

Pier 6/7:

- Six shore power pedestals each with two 220v, 50amp and two 110v, 30amp connections.

Pier 11:

- Five connections of 600v, 400amp (Three hardwire and two twist lock receptacles).

Pier 17:
- Two fixed connections 600v, 400amp (Hardwire)

Pier 17: Finger Pier:

-Two separate connections of 600v, 400amp (Five plug-in receptacles per connection).

Piers 19/20/21:
- Three 75kva transformers.
- Three 50kva transformers.

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