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Safety / Security

Safety / Security is our top concern

Safety and security always has and always will be a priority for the St. John’s Port Authority. Coordinating the comings and goings of vessels, docking and loading and unloading cargo is a process that involves many people and a high level of communication. The SJPA takes this seriously and abides by the rules and regulations set around protecting the people who work here and call St. John’s home.

Restricted Area Application

A Restricted Area Pass is required for individuals who are regular users of Piers 9-11, 17 or 18 (SJPA designated Restricted Areas). This pass is used for screening individuals to attend vessel’s and facilities within the restricted areas for the purpose of access control.

Marine Transportation Security Clearance Application Information

Marine Transportation Security Clearances, as per Transport Canada’s Marine Transportation Security Regulations, are required for individuals entering an R2 (Restricted Access) zones such as the Oceanex container terminal and/or Cruise vessels in port. For more information please contact

Safety, security and regulatory-compliance are, for the St. John’s Port Authority, as for all port users, of the utmost importance in doing business in the marine sector. As the volume and nature of activity in the Port of St. John’s has dramatically increased over the past 50 years, we must remain proactive to protect not only the facilities, piers and vessels that operate here, but also the information and digital data that go hand-in-hand with being a modern port. Enhanced safety and security measures include compliance with the International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) code, port-wide security infrastructure, a heritage-style safety/security fence and a new radio frequency identification (RFID) system for all vehicles operating on SJPA facilities in order to improve operational awareness.

Even with all of these regulatory and industry requirements, the port remains a wonderful part of our community, with our citizens enjoying Harbourside Park and the Terry Fox Monument — and three popular waterside restaurants.

The St. John’s Port Authority offers:

  • Security plans developed under the Canadian Marine Transportation Security Regulations, fully compliant with International Ship and Port Facility Security code
  • New Command and Control System which provides around-the-clock surveillance supported by shore-based patrols
  • Command and Control system which monitors restricted access zones surrounding ship berths
  • Rigorous ongoing training for all our security staff

Significant security enhancements are constantly being reviewed as security and safety are high priorities for the St. John’s Port Authority.

Port Security & Marine Facility Security Officer: Ms. Melissa Williams, BMS, MMM

ISPS Code Certification and Security Enhancements

On July 1, 2004 the St. John’s Port Authority reached an important milestone in our ongoing adherence to International Security and Trade Regulations. On that date, we were issued a Document of Compliance designating the Port of St. John’s as an International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) certified port. The distinction informs industry that the port is 100% compliant with internationally established standards.

We have completed a series of security enhancements, including:

  • Installation of surveillance equipment
  • Installation of command, control and communications equipment
  • Increase in dockside and perimeter security
  • Introduction of waterborne patrols
  • Training for our security staff

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