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Crane Authorization Online Form

Authorization does not replace any other regulated permitting requirements, nor does it relieve the operator/vessel/company of their responsibilities and duties to ensure a safe work environment, proper conduct of work and that the capacity of equipment does not exceed the maximum load carrying capacity.

Permission is granted to carry out crane operations SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING REQUIREMENTS:

  1. Operators of cranes at St. John’s Port Authority facilities, regardless of capacity, must receive prior authorization from Technical Services.
  2. Permission is granted to use the crane (boom truck) specified below at the noted location, subject to the following:
    1. Equipment is in a good state of repair and licensed for use;
    2. Operator of equipment is suitably qualified and holds a current license for the equipment being used;
    3. Operator is aware of the load restrictions at the facility where lift is being undertaken and has confirmed that the capacity of the equipment and facility will not be exceeded;
    4. St. John’s Port Authority Practices and Procedures
    5. Canada Labour Code and Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations;
    6. The use of appropriate pads under vehicle outriggers;
    7. Where deemed appropriate, an engineered lift plan has been completed by a professional engineer licensed to practice in the Province of Newfoundland; and
    8. Technical Services are to be contacted upon lift completion, contact is to be through Equipment is to be removed from the facility promptly, unless prior approval is granted by St. John’s Port Authority.

Acceptable Crane Capacities:

* Piers #6 Through #11 - Maximum 75 ton Crane Using 4’ x 6’ pads

* Pier #17 - Maximum 150 ton Crane

* Pier #17 Finger Pier - Maximum 180 ton Crane in Heavy Lift Zone

* Pier #20 - Maximum 150 ton Crane in Heavy Lift Zone

The following information is an accurate record of the lift and equipment that is planned at the noted facility.

Crane Authorization Form


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By submitting the following request you are hereby agreeing to pay $55 plus HST per permit.


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