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Port: St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada 

Location: East Coast of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Lat. 47° - 34' - 03" N. Long. 52° - 42' - 41" W.

Canadian Hydrographic Service Chart No. L/C 4846

Population of Metro Area: 170,000 (Approx.) 

Time Zone: GMT – 3.5 Hours 

Tidal Variation: 1.38 Metres (Spring) 

Prevailing Winds: south westerly

Harbour Entry Restriction: Entrance to harbour is made through a narrow channel (91 metres) with green leading lights passing over a depth of 11.8 metres, reduced to lowest normal tide.

Note: Vessels with draft exceeding 10.0 metres, should contact the Harbour Master for further information, at 709-738-4778, 1-888-277-0319

Water Density: 1026 kg per cubic metre

Pilotage: Pilotage is compulsory. The Pilot boarding station is about 2 nautical miles (3.7 km) east of harbour entrance (i.e., North Head/South Head). See Harbour Chart No. L/C 4846.

Communication (a) Canadian Coast Guard, Marine Traffic Centre (Vessel Traffic Service) St. John's Harbour Channel 6 - 156.30 MHz Channel 11 - 156.55 MHz Channel 12 - 156.50 MHz Channel 14 - 156.70 MHz Channel 16 - 156.80 MHz

(b) Canadian Coast Guard, St. John's Radio

Call Sign: VON R/T - 2182 VHF - Channel 16

Note: Channel 11 (156.55) has been designated for regulating marine traffic and all ships should maintain a continuous VHF listening watch on this channel.

Working Hours

24 hours (if required). After normal working hours call Canadian Coast Guard, St. John's Traffic Centre, St. John's Harbour at 709-772-2083 for Duty Harbour Master's instructions.

Port Charges Payable to Other Authorities

  1. Pilotage—Atlantic Pilotage Authority
  2. Towage—Contact your shipping agent
  3. Linesmen— Contact your shipping agent
  4. Boatmen— Contact your shipping agent
  5. Shipping Federation Dues—Shipping Federation of Canada
  6. Customs—Canada Customs

Marine Papers Required

  1. Crew Lists (3 copies)
  2. Passengers
  3. Stowaways
  4. Tobacco/Spirits/Personal Effects
  5. Certificate of Health
  6. Safety Equipment
  7. Tonnage Certificate
  8. Nationality Certificate
  9. Cargo Documents (3 copies of Customs Cargo Manifest)
  10. Cargo List of Dangerous Goods

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