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New SJPA Access Control Procedures

March 18th, 2020

Effective Immediately: New SJPA Access Control Procedures

Recognizing the evolving situation concerning Coronavirus (COVID-19), the St. John’s Port Authority (SJPA) is committed to provide information and guidance on protocols to consider in safeguarding the health and safety of those working within the Port of St. John’s.

Effective immediately, internal access to the Pier 9 and Pier 17 Gatehouses is restricted. All visitors requiring access to those facilities are still required to check-in at the appropriate gatehouse using a newly installed AIRPHONE system.

Procedure for entry are as follows:

1. Both gatehouse doors will remain closed and locked to maintain a sterile environment. Only SJPA staff and on-shift Commissionaires will be permitted to enter.

2. Security staff will verify all visitors by using the AIRPHONE integrated audiovisual system at the guardhouse entrance.

All visitors must answer the COVID-19 questionnaire before granting entry.

i. Security staff will complete a questionnaire page with the visitor’s responses, making note of their name and date.

ii. If the individual answers yes to any of the questions, they will be subsequently denied access.

iii. If the visitor has answered no to all questions, they must then verify their identity:

a. The visitor must show a valid government-issued photo ID through the camera system.

b. After checking the validity of the ID, security must contact the vessel for screening before allowing entry. Anyone without a valid government-issed photo ID will be subsequently denied access.

c. Once authorized, the visitor(s) will be granted access.

3. All visitors are required to check-in/out at security, including contractors, crew, and service providers.

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